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    MeridiaSystems.com, LLC is a business communications company.

    We couple a sculptor's eye and writer's pen with marketing strategy to breathe life into your message.

    It's our unique blend of powerful copy and stimulating visuals that helps make a connection with your target audience to get your message across!

  • Writing & Authoring

    Clean, clear and compelling writing lies at the core of our all of our service offerings. Our mastery of language gives us an unusually strong competitive edge when the need to create memorable impressions is the highest priority.

    We are now published authors! Check out "Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs" on Amazon.com!

  • Branding & Advertising

    In the business world, there's nothing more powerful than a strong brand and a strong advertisement to help convey it.

    A well-crafted brand captures credibility, relevance, value and benefits ... along with a sizeable chunk of "top of mind awareness."

  • Presentations & Slideshows

    If you want to get a message out, a point across, or communicate somthing of great value, there's nothing better than wrapping it all up in a visual storyboard.

    We have raised the bar for excellence in presentation design and development ... and we'll be happy to show you the evidence.

  • LinkedIn Profiles

    If you're a business professional in the 21st century, you must be on LinkedIn.

    Are you satisfied with your LinkedIn Profile? Is it optimized to deliver credibility, relevance, differentiation and value?

    We have the knowledge, ideas and creative energy to boost your profile into the "get noticed & remembered" zone!

Thanks for your patience ...

MeridiaSystems.com, LLC is undergoing a major re-branding effort. We will be expanding our branding and publishing services significantly. Please visit us on or around 1/15/2016!
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Own Your Brand: Resources

For those who listen regularly to Rod Colon's weekly radio show, "Own Your Career," here are some helpful resources on branding and value propositions.

Can we get your message across?  Here's some compelling evidence !

Our IMBA (Illustrative Marketing/Branding/Advertising) portfolios provide ample proof of our talent for getting attention and getting the message out - with a knockout punch!

99% of the samples in our IMBA collection have been created "out of thin air" ... the products, services, and businesses displayed are entirely fictitious! They are designed to give clients ideas on which to build their own marketing and advertising collateral.